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The Healthy Path

Hello and welcome to Astrolight Healing! My name is Tyler Bernard and I am an energy healer. My vision is to spread light and love along with the transformative energy of Astrolight and Reiki to as many people as possible!  I am certified as a Master Reiki Teacher and Peer Support Specialist.  I have years of training with multiple Reiki Masters and Shaman and over the course of years have developed my own special connection with a healing energy I like to call Astrolight.  Along with the use of crystals, Oracle and Tarot cards, and aura viewing I hope to raise the vibrations of every person I come into contact with! Namaste

A Healing Journey

Astrolight is a powerful healing energy that can be channeled similarly to Reiki for the benefit of energetic, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing.  This fundamental and universal energy is the much needed manna of the coming healing revolution!

My passion for nature has led to becoming a Wilderness First Responder, an avid hiker including time on the Pacific Crest Trail as well as summiting Mt. Whitney.  I have years of experience as a open ocean kayak guide and have received SIV acrobatics training as a paraglider pilot.  In my free time I love to surf, play tennis, hike, and channel Astrolight and Reiki to friends and family.  Exploring both the physical and metaphysical has led me to some of my greatest joys and most rewarding challenges.  Lets work together to open a new chapter of your healing journey!

So how do we start working together?  You can contact me through this website or by sending an email directly to  We will begin getting to know each other through a 10 minute discovery call to determine what you want to get out of a healing session as well as to find out if we will work well together.  Feel free to ask any questions during this call.  One healing session will be one hour in length and might include the use of crystals and intuitive counseling.

A Journey Awaits


A Healing Revolution


Cleanse, Clear, Restore, and Open your Chakras


"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be."

Lao Tzu


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